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We realize you’re dealing with many uncertainties amid today’s global crisis. As we all navigate this new territory together, we want you to know we are here to be a resource to you during this challenging time and to maintain the continuity of your small molecule drug substance supply.

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Process Efficiency & Supply Chain Security

Albemarle Fine Chemistry Services (FCS) has been a trusted supplier of RSMs, intermediates and APIs for more than 40 years. We offer the benefit of an integrated domestic U.S. facility network, allowing us to securely handle technology transfers and process scale-ups between our sites in South Haven, Michigan, and Tyrone, Pennsylvania.


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Pharmaceutical Partners

We have selected a number of recent articles from our subject matter experts to provide you with insight into our experience and philosophy as well as best practices for navigating today’s small molecule drug substance supply chain.

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Adhering to Delivery Milestones

Collaboration, communication and a proactive approach to inevitable change can make the difference between a successful delivery and costly misstep. Business and program management experts from Albemarle FCS discuss the importance of these virtues in delivering on time, in full and to spec as well as other key strategies for efficiently navigating the development pathway.


Benefits of Integrated Small-Volume Manufacturing Capabilities

Having a flexible, integrated facility infrastructure can significantly reduce development timelines and mitigate common risks associated with technology transfers and scale-up. The ability to handle all preclinical, clinical and commercial processes through a single CDMO network is especially important in advancing small-volume orphan drugs to market. Learn more from our thought leaders in the article linked below.


Integrated Outsourcing from RSMs to APIs

The raw material supply chain is complex enough without having to manage multiple suppliers across different stages of your project. Hear from Albemarle FCS leadership on the benefits of an integrated approach and other techniques to ensure your starting materials are well characterized and free of impurities as you move from RSMs to API manufacturing.


Applying Chemistry and Engineering Expertise to Continuous Processing

Continuous processing is a long-standing technique that is gaining ground in pharma as regulators encourage the adoption of solutions that promote consistent quality and increase process efficiency. Albemarle FCS discusses how an innovative approach to continuous processing, leveraging flow chemistry and engineering, is enhancing productivity, yields, quality and cost for customers.


The Link Between a Robust Company Culture and Quality

Transparency and open communication are more critical than ever in today’s tumultuous environment. And although these values are fundamental to the sponsor/supplier relationship, they must be part of a larger organizational culture to drive tangible outcomes. In a recent article, we explore how honesty, integrity, and transparency at the CDMO level can translate to quality and cost benefits for customers.


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